Sunday, February 26, 2012


Lexi has been doing swimming lessons for several weeks now at our gym.  Jayvan has happily played on our laps while his big sister learned the backstroke.

Today we decided to invite some friends and take Jayvan swimming for the first time.

He absolutely loved it.  He splashed in the water and jumped up and down.  He played so long that he started rubbing his eyes with one hand and splashing with the other.  After swimming, he took a three-hour nap.  I think trips to the pool will become more frequent.  I can't wait for summer when we can just walk up the street to the neighborhood pool.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We attempted some Valentine's pictures before we headed out the Valentine's banquet at Nana's church.  These were about the best we could manage.

Then we headed out to Louisburg to celebrate Valentine's Day with the family.

We decorated Lexi's Valentine's box at home this year and she loved it.

 Jayvan and I went to Lexi's Valentine's party.  This ended up being a really cute owl that I forgot to take a picture of.
 The kids played pin the heart on the bear.
 They also played a marshmallow toss game, but I think they were more interested in eating the marshmallows.
 Jayvan had fun at the party too.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pride Night

Lexi's school had a pride night where we were able to go around to all of her special classes and see what she has been doing in person.  We admired her masterpieces.

 We stopped in to listen to Jade play her recorder.
 This was Lexi's latest art masterpiece.  It is a heart-filled fish swimming in a colorful ocean.
It was so nice to hear from all of Lexi's teachers.  She got rave reviews from everyone.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spirit Day - Head to Toe

Today was crazy hair day and crazy sock/shoe day at Lexi's school.  She had mixed feelings about her hair.

7 Months Old

Seven whole months have come and gone since we met the little man who would steal all of our hearts.  For some reason, this month is hitting me a little harder than past months.  He is officially closer to his first birthday than he is to his birth.  It seems silly, but I'm teary just thinking about him getting bigger and bigger.

The little dude still won't smile for the camera very often, but he is indeed a very happy little guy.  He loves to roll around and play with his toys.  He has started pulling himself up and scooting, but crawling is still in the works.  He's started eating some solids and he's pretty fond of sweet potatoes, but oatmeal was not a favorite.  He still only has the two bottom teeth.

I think we are ready to concede that his first word is "Baba" for his bottles.  Most parents I know have a friendly rivalry over whether the baby will say Mama or Dada first.  We both lost out to food.

His sissy loves him more than ever and she never passes up an opportunity to snuggle with him

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Playing at Home

Sometimes I think that he just can't get any cuter, but then he just sits there and plays with his toys and his cuteness factor grows and grows.