Thursday, February 21, 2013


My sister Ashley is going to school to be an elementary teacher. One of her assignments right now is to make and alphabet book.  She decided to make a book based on a kid dressing up and she is using the kids (mostly Lexi) as her models.  Lexi was not a fan of dressing up as a firefighter, so I googled, "Professions that start with F."  I read this list to Lexi and the last thing on the list was "failure."  Lexi exclaimed, "Yes! I want to be a failure!"

Now, I want my children to do whatever makes their hearts sing, but I hope they strive for a bit more than failure.

Snow Day Fun

We've had our fair share of snow days this Winter.  
On this snow day, my sister, Ashley, decided to work on one of her college assignments.  She is going to school to be an elementary teacher.  The assignment was to make an original alphabet book.  She decided to have Lexi dress up as different things such as an archer, ballerina, chef, dog walker, etc.  Here are just a few of my favorite photos.  I've previewed the whole book, and it is amazing.  I can't wait until she gets it back from her professor.

Check out this action shot of Chef Lexi cracking an egg.

Judge Lexi says you're in contempt!

Lifeguard Lexi has some major troubles keeping this swimmer under control.
 Forecaster Lexi is not impressed with all of the snow.

Unicorn Lexi is the most colorful unicorn I've ever seen (and she jumps on beds).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Things

I find myself forgetting to update this blog for a while and then I feel like I can't put anything new until I update all of the old stuff.  Eh.  I'm changing my mentality. Sometimes, I don't have the pictures on my computer to update properly with pictures, but I've decided to just write anyway.  My kids are too much fun and I don't want to forget all of the little adorable things they say or do.

The other day we were watching a House Hunters International show on HGTV.  The kid was packing up his toys and the mom told him that he wouldn't see his toys for six weeks.  Lexi exclaimed, "Six weeks?!?  That's almost a whole month." I love her.

Anytime the dogs bark or someone knocks on the front door, Jayvan squeals, "Nana," while running towards the door.  His "Nana" sounds more like "Nina!"  We go with it.

Yesterday I kept Jayvan home and he kept calling for his friends from school.  "Emma?!"  "DJ?!"  "Dabe?" (Gabe).  He loves his friends and misses them when he doesn't go to school.

Lexi has started collecting pencils.  It seems to be her first little obsession (in a good way of course).  She currently has eleven unsharpened pencils that she carries around with her.  I'm not sure what brought on the new attraction to unsharpened pencils, but she has no plans to stop carrying then around and asking us to play "Pass the Pencil."  For those who aren't aware, this is a came where you sit on the wood floor and roll the pencils back and forth.

Jayvan loves to have his picture taken.  He'll grab my phone, point it at himself and say, "Cheese!"  Most of his self-portraits involve closed eyes and interesting cropping.  I'll try to get some up here soon.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Coco Keys

The kids had a day off of school, so we decided to head to an indoor water park to have some fun.

We all had a blast and everyone fell asleep easily after eight hours of water fun.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Lexi wanted a gumball machine box.  We did our best.

She made butterfly valentine's for all of her friends.  We got Scooby Doo valentine's for all of Jayvan's friends, along with a bag of Scooby Snacks.  I forgot to take pictures of those though. Second child syndrome, I suppose.

We had a great Valentine's Day, full of love.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

Lexi's school hosted a Daddy Daughter Dance.  Matt brought home these colorful flowers for Lexi.  She loved them.
 Lexi got all dressed up in her sparkly red dress, and Jayvan had to be included in the photos.
 I think they look amazing.

I heard they had a great time at the dance, and Lexi is already looking forward to next year.