Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get Well Soon

Papa Bo had a hip replacement and Lexi wanted him to have a beautiful card to decorate his hospital room.  I think she did a great job.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family Zoo Time

It was a gorgeous day, especially for the middle of August, so we invited some family to come with us to the zoo.  It was a blast.

 After the zoo we met up with some more family for dinner at Ingredient.  The kids had a blast running around the green space.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

1st Grade!

Summer is (un)officially over and it is time for our big girl to head back to school.  She is excited about the new year and I'm excited to watch her grow and mature even more.  She is an amazing little person who has a beautiful way of balancing her emotions with her ability to be carefree.

Do you see little brother?

 She already loves her teacher.
 Aunt Ashley was here to snap a quick family photo for us.
 For the first day of school, we walked her into her classroom.
 She stopped for a quick cousin picture.

I'm sure this year will be filled with new memories, challenges, friends, and fun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Lexi was very excited to find out which teacher she got for 1st grade and which friends would be in her class.  We went to her classroom and put all of her supplies away.  She met Mrs. Kinnamon and she was really excited that several of her friends were in her class.

 We spent some time playing on the playground and Lexi got a Kona Ice treat.

 Then we went and met up with Aunt Audrey, Josh, and Mia for dinner.  I think she's all set for 1st grade.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Luau

Lexi and Jayvan's school had a Back-to-School Luau to celebrate the end of Summer and beginning of a new school year.

Lexi played every game they had, including a cake walk, potato-sack race, limbo, duck game, and many more. 

Jayvan ran around and made himself at home.
He had a particular fondness for this princess ride-on toy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day at Deanna Rose

We tried to make the most of the last free days before school started, so I took the kids to Deanna Rose.

I told Lexi that we would buy a bag of sifting rocks on our next visit and she remembered.  Here she is with one of her new prized possesions.

 She did a little rain dance inside the teepee.  It didn't work.
 Jayvan ground a little corn.
 I can remember when Lexi was too little to ride the tractors and now she almost looks too big.  Time flies.
 Jayvan had a little snack.
 We listened to this lady tell us about this goat named Pomegranate.  Lexi loved the name.
 The kids ran around the playground a bit.  Jayvan refuses to look at the camera.  Stinker.
 He ran hard enough to need a nap.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Year Bites the Dust

Lexi is six years old!  It always amazes me how quickly the years seem to slip by.  I can think of no greater blessing than being a mother.  Lexi has made me so proud to hold the title.  She is a thoughtful, kind, loving, and genuine person.  She has become an amazing big sister.  Her laugh is one of my favorite sounds in the world and her smile is contagious.  I love her (and her brother) to the heavens and back, forever and ever.  

We started off the morning with a little cousin crafting time.

 Then Nana and Aunt Ashley showed up and Lexi got her favorite breakfast.
 Then she opened some gifts.  I think her favorites were her new scooter and her fish bowl.

 Then she had her last swimming lesson with this instructor. She starts with a new instructor next week.

 Lexi chose Monkey Bizness for her birthday party.  She had so many friends show up.  It was a great time.

 She chose a princess theme for her party.  I'm going to try to talk her into superheroes next year.
 We got all of the supplies from www.discountpartysupplies.com.  Lexi picked out a variety of princess plates, napkins, and decorations. 

 She was excited that Cinderella was front and center, because she believes she is the leader of the princesses.

She had a wonderful birthday.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped her celebrate!