Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

On Saturday, we went out to a little celebration for my mom's upcoming graduation.  She was presented with her honor's sash and tassel.  
Then we spent some time at the park and ate Chinese together.  Mom had to study for her last finals on Sunday, so we called that our celebration.

 On Sunday we went to brunch with Matt's family.  We took a little time to snap some family photos after we ate.

 Then we went out to visit Matt's mom's grave.  We had never taken Lexi out there and she has started to ask a lot of questions about her.  Matt's Aunt Nancy gave us a bunch of pictures of her at Easter, and I think that has sparked the questions.  We are Christians and so was Pat.  Lexi asks, "Where is Grandma Pat?"  We can answer that she is in heaven looking over us.  Her body on Earth was really sick and now she is healthy and happy in Heaven waiting for us.  "But why can't I see her?"  Because she is dead and her body was buried about fourteen years ago.  Lexi wanted to see where she was buried and Mother's Day seemed like the appropriate time.

 I thought Lexi might have some more questions about it when we were there, but she just looked at the gravestone and then asked if we could go for a walk.
 On the way home we picked up the material to make Lexi's tooth pillow.  Matt and I both had them when we were little and Lexi has a tooth that is so close to falling out. 
 After a little meltdown over a lost bobbin (don't worry, I calmed down eventually), Lexi is the proud owner of a pink flowery tooth pillow.  We decided to add a ribbon so that she can hang it from her door and the tooth fairy will have no problem finding it.  Now we just have to wait for that tooth to fall out.
 Lexi also gave me this adorable piece of art with a sweet poem on the back.

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  1. What a busy but great weekend! Love the tooth pillow.