Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day at Deanna Rose

We tried to make the most of the last free days before school started, so I took the kids to Deanna Rose.

I told Lexi that we would buy a bag of sifting rocks on our next visit and she remembered.  Here she is with one of her new prized possesions.

 She did a little rain dance inside the teepee.  It didn't work.
 Jayvan ground a little corn.
 I can remember when Lexi was too little to ride the tractors and now she almost looks too big.  Time flies.
 Jayvan had a little snack.
 We listened to this lady tell us about this goat named Pomegranate.  Lexi loved the name.
 The kids ran around the playground a bit.  Jayvan refuses to look at the camera.  Stinker.
 He ran hard enough to need a nap.

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