Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

The kids woke up Easter morning and hunted for their baskets.  They found them with no problem.  We had gone to church on Saturday night to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, so we had a laid back Sunday morning at home.

We went out to Nana's house for Easter again this year.  On the way out there, I wanted to drive by a lake that I used to visit a lot as a kid.  It's more developed now, but the water still calls to me.  One of these years, I will get a boat.
 It was so nice to let the kids just run around and play in the country.  It's how I grew up and it's nice to see that they enjoy it as much as I did/do.

 This is my grandpa's old dog Snooks.  My grandpa passed away ten years ago, but his sweet dog reminds me that he is always near us in our hearts.
 Jessie/Liam and Aiden.

 Yep.  Jayvan kissed a fish.

 I love this picture of the cousins just taking a quick break from throwing rocks in the pond.  These little moments are my favorite.
 Unfortunately, Matt's Easter ended with Duke losing.  Such is life.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  We were truly blessed.

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