Thursday, January 7, 2016

Catching up. . .

. . . is not going to happen. I used to have this pipe dream that I would someday come back and post about each lovely thing that we've done over the last couple years, and be able to use this blog as our family's digital scrapbook. I'm afraid I've gotten so very far behind, that it won't be possible. 

So, here's to starting 2016 anew, with a little update on what happened over the last couple years.

In August 2014, we moved to a new-to-us (but old) home. It sits on 4.5 acres and back to a small lake/large pond (whichever you prefer). It has a barn, pool (that required quite a bit of repairs) and room for us to grow.

In the Spring of 2015 we got chickens and now we routinely gather eggs and scoop chicken poop. We love it. I'm officially a crazy chicken lady.

Lexi is a fourth grader and Jayvan is in pre-k. They are still the same amazing people.

That's good enough for a quick update. Now I'll try to post more than once a year!

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