Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

Roxi was my "we're-not-ready-for-a-baby-let's-get-another-dog" dog.  A few short months after we got her, I was pregnant with Lexi.  

Roxi is such a sweetheart even if she has some quirks.  She went through her chewing phase and she has a bit of an excitable bladder.  Ultimately though, she loves us and most women who come to visit.  

What has made Roxi even more endearing to me is the way she loves Jayvan.  She will sit with him and let him pull her hair without a flinch.  By the way, how do you teach a baby not to pull a dog's hair?  

 Sometimes I'll look over and see her just sitting next to Jayvan with his little baby arm draped over her neck.  It's enough to make a mama cry.  So sweet.


  1. Oh my gosh, so CUTE! Avalyn will pull the cats tail if she can get a hold of it. We are just trying to teach her to be gentle, lol. Not sure if it will work.

  2. So sweet!!!
    I LOOOOVE watching E and Kaya.. It is so precious!