Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Amongst all the yuck that the last several days have held for our family, we also received a wonderful blessing.

The adoption is final!  The paperwork came in the mail yesterday.

This soul who I felt was already formed in his birth mother's womb back in November 2010.  This little soul that I just felt would be our son.

This little boy felt like he was ours from the moment we got the call that an expectant mother had chosen us.

When we first laid eyes on him as a nurse rolled him into the room, he felt like he was our son just a little more.

When the revocation period was over, I breathed in that sweet newborn smell just a little deeper and I exhaled as our son slept soundly in Mama's arms.

Now today, as I tried to recover from frazzled nerves and sleepless nights, I smile again when my husband tells me what he found in the mail.  Yesterday, as I considered heading back to the ER and watched every breath Jayvan took, the pieces of paper that legally confirmed that he is our son sat in our mailbox.

My heart knew it all along.

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