Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun-Filled Tuesday

Tuesdays are my days off from work.  As a chiropractor, I can set my own schedule and I find that having a day off during the week really helps me feel balanced.  It gives me a day to have fun with my kiddos and catch up on errands.  On this particular Tuesday, it was all about fun.

We started out by heading to Crown Center.  I was going to let the kids play in the fountains, but we found out just before we were leaving that the fountains are now closed.  So we went to the dinosaur exhibit instead.

After the dinosaur exhibit, we had lunch at Fritz's.  Jayvan was mesmerized by the trains.

 We met up with Lexi's girl scout troop for their aquarium field trip.  It was lots of fun.

 Since we were downtown, we decided to stop by Daddy's office.  He'll only be there for about another week, because he is starting a new job on the 25th.  All of the ladies (and some of the men) left their offices and cubicles to come admire our handsome little dude.
 After that, I took the kids to The Legends to waste a little time (and money) before the T-Bones game started.  Lexi pushed Jayvan along the yellow brick road.
 I attempted to get a picture of them in front of the fountain.  You can see how well that turned out.
 Then we headed over to the T-Bones game.  We had eight free tickets from our "bank" (Community America Credit Union).
It was a fun-filled day and I was ready to crash as soon as we got home.

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