Friday, June 15, 2012


I finally made the decision to cut Jayvan's hair.  I didn't want to lose the curls by any means, but the back of his hair had turned into a ratty mullet that needed to be calmed.  Lexi also decided that she was ready for short hair.  So we made some appointments at Shear Madness.  It was the first time at a salon for both of them.  I've always just trimmed Lexi's hair at home.

Here are the before shots:
 See how long it was in the back?  Craziness.
 Lexi's hair had just come down out of a ponytail.

Here are some "action" shots:
 Let's be honest.  Jayvan didn't love it.
 His results were worth it though.  His head is still perfectly covered in curls.

 Lexi was mostly just annoyed when the hairdresser stepped in front of the TV.  She was watching Cars.
 She ended up with an adorable little bob.  She loves it!

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