Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Morning Monday?

I like to use this blog as a virtual scrapbook of all of the fun times we have, but once in a while it's necessary to share the not-so-fun times as well.

So this morning, around 5 am, our carbon monoxide detector went off.  We have one on each level of the house, and it was the one in the kitchen area that was blaring.  Evacuating the house did enter my mind, but Matt figured that it was probably just slightly unplugged. So, he went downstairs, pushed it firmly back into the socket, and all was well.  A certain little man in the house has a propensity for playing with that CO detector, so we know quite well that unplugging it means that it will make a horrific sound until you plug it back in.  Nobody's getting CO poisoning in this house.

Then when I got up at 6:30, Jayvan got up with me.  He usually stays asleep until after I'm showered and ready to head downstairs.  So, I got some toys for him and put him in the main area of the bathroom while I took my shower.  As I toweled dry, I realize that Jayvan had a massive blowout that involved one of the bathroom rugs, and required a full shower to clean him off.  After I dried him off, I realized that we were out of diapers upstairs.  Not good.  So, I sat him down on one of the other bathroom rugs and went to get dressed so I could walk downstairs without showing the neighbors more than they bargained for early in the morning.  I turned around to find Jayvan peeing on the rug.  Great.

So, I cleaned up that mess, but I still needed to get dressed, so I went back into the closet.  Jayvan followed me in, but I thought that he would be OK on the carpet since he had just pooped and peed.  Wrong.  He peed on the carpet and a standing fan we have in there.  Awesome.  So, I got some carpet cleaner from under my sink and proceeded to clean the carpet.  As I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpet, that little stinker peed yet again! This time he hit the woodwork in front of the tub and formed a little puddle on the tile.  I have no idea how one little 25-pound kid can produce that much urine.

Luckily, I finally remembered that I still had a swim diaper in my gym bag, so I put that on him until I could get dressed and get downstairs.  By the time I got the real diaper on him, he had sharted in the swim diaper.  At least that didn't end up with that all over my work clothes.  Silver lining. . .

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