Friday, July 6, 2012

A Mustache Party

 We decided to do a mustache theme for Jayvan's first birthday.  Lexi made this sign for the occasion.
 We stocked up on supplies.
His teachers from school made him a card as well.

We set up a little photo booth, so everyone could rock their 'staches.



I cut fruit up in the shape of mustaches.
The kids played "Pin-the-Mustache-On-Jayvan."  Aiden won.  Lexi and Mia gave Jayvan an impressive unibrow.
 Jayvan tore into his presents with the help of his sister and cousin.
 Aunt Ashley made these superhero dolls by hand.  I was seriously impressed.  If I ever get Jayvan's room decorated, these will go great with the theme.

Jayvan loved his new swing from Nana. 

 We ordered his cake from Costco and I added some chocolate mustaches.

 He stared at Lexi the whole time we sang Happy Birthday.
 Then he started to dig in.
 I think he loved it! (I cannot get these pictures to upload correctly to save my life!)

 This resulted in a quick hose-down in the kitchen sink.

Jayvan had a wonderful first birthday.  Thank you to all of our friends and family for making it such a special day.