Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday to Aiden

We went out to The Farm for Aiden's 5th birthday party. The Farm is the home that my grandpa built and now some of my family live there.  I have so many fond childhood memories of that place.  We used to go down every other weekend and go fishing, have bonfires, ride horses, play games, and sit outside until the sun set.

 Each time we go out there, we try to drive by our old house.  This is the first house that Matt and I bought together.  We lived there for about three years.  Lexi was born while we lived there.  She took her first steps there.  We have a lot of fond memories there too.  It looks like the new owners are taking good care of the place.
 The Farm has changed a lot now.  Lexi loves playing on the swing set.

 Jayvan got to make his first trip out there and he seemed to always be looking up at the sky.  I wonder if he can see something that we can't.

 My cousin set up a treasure hunt for the kids and when they found the treasure box it was full of fake money and bling.  Jayvan got his first bling ring.
 Here are my cousin Jessie, her dad (Uncle Steve) and the birthday boy (Aiden).
 Fake mustaches were part of the goody bags and this just had to be done:

We ended the night with a four generation photo.

Happy Birthday to Aiden!

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