Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Night at the Races

When I was a Lexi's age (don't a lot of parental stories start this way?), I grew up going to the dirt track races pretty much every weekend in the summer.  I can't say that it was ever my favorite thing to do, but my dad raced frequently, so we went and watched.  My dad hasn't raced in many years (we were thinking 18 years), but a friend of his started renting out hobby stock cars.  So, my dad rented the car and we all drove out to Butler, MO to support him. Matt stayed home with Jayvan, because the dirt and noise aren't exactly baby-friendly.

 Can you tell that my dad was giddy with excitement?
 Lexi is doing the exact thing that I did at many races back in the day (wow, I sound old): playing with her cars.  Of course, I typically was playing in the dirt and she's playing on metal stands.
Here he is with his big winnings ($20).

I am so glad that my dad got the opportunity to race again.  I know he had a blast.  We got home really late (or really early depending on how you look at it), and I had to shower all the dirt off before we climbed into bed. 

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