Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Couple Lexi-isms

Earlier today Lexi was working on crafts and I watched her cut a string off of one of her projects.  She says, "Mom can you tie this back on.  It fell off."

I say, "It didn't fall off.  I watched you cut it off."

Her blunt reply was, "Well yeah.  It fell after I cut it."

At dinner, I started singing the little Spanish song that Lexi learned at school.

"Cabeza, ojos, nariz, y boca.  Nariz y boca. . . "

She interrupts me, "No Mom.  It's POLKA.  Like you're doing the polka with someone."

"I think it is actually boca."

"No, it's polka."

"I'm pretty sure it's boca."

"Well, I'm REALLY sure it's polka."

OK, then.

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