Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Four Months

Our little man is four months old (as of Sunday).  It's time to take note of some of the details of your personality.

You jabber so much when you are in the mood.  We joke that you are telling us stories. I wish I could interpret what you are actually saying.

You smile so much lately, however you refuse to smile for the camera.  I wouldn't blame people for not believing me about how often you smile unless they see you in person.  On this day, I took so many pictures and you smiled in between each photo, but you wouldn't let me capture one.

 This look says, "Nope, not gonna do it!"
 Smile or no smile, you are still the most precious boy I know.  Look at all of that curly hair.
 I took this photo on Sunday when you were officially four months old.  Again, no smile.
 You have started sitting up more on your own, but you still fatigue out after a little while.  You look a little surprised with your accomplishment here.
 You love to move and be outside.  The weather is getting colder and you aren't a big fan of that.
 You love the dogs.  They are like moving toys for you.  While this is not the best picture, I had to post it because I actually captured a smile! I guess Roxi distracted you enough so you forgot to put your grumpy face on for the camera.

One thing that definitely does not make you smile is your daddy between 7-9 pm.  For whatever reason, that is Mommy time.  I'll take it, but you need to start easing up on Daddy a little bit.  I think you're starting to hurt his feelings.  One thing that doesn't make me smile is when you decide it is party time at 2 am.  

Sometimes when you are sleeping, you keep your eyes slightly open.  I'll be honest.  It creeps me out.  You can stop that already.

We love you so much little man.  You bring us so much happiness and joy.


  1. Look at that big boy! So cute. Happy 4 months!

  2. How funny (about the eyes thing)! My 5yo does that occasionally and it creeps me out, too. Your sweet boy has the most beautiful hair!!!