Sunday, April 22, 2012


Aunt Ashley and Kyle went to prom and we went out to document the occasion.  We met up at the square along with half of the town.  The kiddos had some fun on the playground equipment.

 We took some photos around the square.
 Then we did some shots with the old Chevelle.  This is the car that I drove in high school.  It used to be red back in the day (I'm so old), but my dad has since painted it baby blue.
 Lexi recreated one of my old senior pictures.

 Jayvan set his sights on some high school girls while we were waiting at the red carpet. 
 Ashley and Kyle arrived in Kyle's brother's boat and they were dancing! I couldn't believe it.  Kyle is typically pretty shy, so this caught us all by surprise.
 I hear they had a great time at prom.

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