Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day.

Mother's Day was our last morning in Casper.  I woke up to cards and starbucks on my nighstand.  

This handsome little dude also slept in a bit, which is another gift to me.

We got packed up and had breakfast with the in-laws at the hotel.  

Then we started the four-hour drive back to Denver.  While Wyoming is beautiful, I will admit that it's not the most exciting drive.  At one point we saw a sign that said, "No gas for 65 miles."  It wasn't  a joke.  

An added bonus to this mother's day was that we were able to meet up with one of my online mama friends at a Starbucks in Firestone, CO.  It was so great to finally get to hug her and meet her awesome family.  

 By the time we got back to KC, we were hungry and didn't want to cook when we got home.  So, we stopped at Cracker Barrel.  We don't eat there very often, but it feels like one of those places that I am supposed to go to when I'm traveling.
 I even splurged and had a (very sweet) blackberry cobbler.  Jayvan was a fan

Matt and the kids also gave me a hammock for Mother's Day which I absolutely love.  It has been used almost every night.  Lexi also made a book of all the reasons she loves me.  I'm one blessed mama!

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  1. How great you got to spend Mothers day with family and that Jayvan let you sleep in a little! Ava did the same thing! Cute card!