Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wedding Day!

It was the big day for Papa Bo and Sandie.  We woke up and had breakfast together at the hotel and then got all dressed up to head to the church.

 Most of the wedding party consisted of children (grandchildren and great nieces and nephews).  Jayvan was not particularly crazy about standing still for pictures, but hopefully the photographer got a few with him in them.

 Here are Papa Bo & Sandie with Sherbo's siblings.  That was another bonus of the trip.  Jayvan got to meet his great aunts and uncle for the first time.

 Papa Bo with his grandkids:

 I didn't get any photos of the actual ceremony, because I was wrangling a toddler, but it went wonderfully.  After the ceremony, there was a cake reception in the basement of the church.  You can just feel the love in this picture.

 Between the wedding and the dinner, we decided to go take some pictures in front of mountains.

 The dinner was at Olive Garden and it was delicious.  Congratulations to the bride and groom!
 The kiddos now have two new step-cousins.

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