Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little things I don't want to forget. . .

On Tuesday, Lexi had a dentist appointment and then we went to a local park.  It has two playgrounds on either side of a lake and we planned to play on one playground, put our feet in the water for a bit and hit the other playground.  While we were out of the dock, I was holding Jayvan and noticed a particularly bad smell.  The smell was not contained to his diaper. It had seeped through his clothes and onto mine.  I told Lexi we had to head home and she was disappointed.  When we got home she said, "Mom, I'm really sorry you have poop on your clothes. That's too bad."   You've got to love the sympathy over a poop-xplosion.

When Jayvan sees a bus he just starts singing, "Round and Round. . . Round and Round. . . Round and Round."

Jayvan moved up to the two-year-old room and his old teacher wrote the sweetest card to him.  She said she will miss him so much and always have love in her heart for him.  She said she knows that he will be an amazing boy no matter where he is.  It made me cry.  It's always nice validation to know that other people think your kids are as amazing as you know they are.

On that note, I told Lexi's teacher that she had to leave early for her dentist appointment and that she would probably miss the reading incentive party, but Lexi understood.  The teacher said that Lexi is always so kind and understanding and she moved the party up in the day so Lexi could participate.

I'm so proud of my kids. They may still throw the occasional fit and make messes, but at their hearts are so beautiful.  They love people and know how to show it.  I couldn't be more blessed with these kids.

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  1. The poop story cracked me up. Lexi being sweet as always!!