Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween started bright and early with both kiddos awake before 6:00 am.  Lexi was so excited about Halloween that I almost thought it was Christmas.

Around 2:00, I went to Lexi's school for the parade and party.  The place was packed with lots of parents admiring their dressed-up cuties.

At the party, the kids played Bingo and Pass-the-Pumpkin.  I volunteered to do the craft and the kids made little spiders.

 Around 5:30 we got the kids dressed and ready for the neighborhood parade.  Jayvan's lobster costume was a little too hot for him so we kept him in his skeleton outfit.

 Then we went up to the lake in our neighborhood for the costume parade.

 I remember just a year ago she wanted us to hold her hands the whole time.  This year she ran ahead of us like a big kid.  Sigh. . .

We went home and ate the chili that Matt had prepared in the crockpot.  Then he got set up in the driveway to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

 Our neighbor definitely beat us in the decorating department.
 SuperNana, GG the pumpkin, Aunt Ashley the flapper, Spidergirl, Skeleton Baby, and I hit the streets.  Lexi was so excited that it was hard to keep up with her.

 Jayvan had a little snack during trick-or-treating.  No candy for him this year.

We took a few pictures when we got back home.  

 Lexi stopped counting her candy at 150.  She then decided to lay down in the middle of it all.
 I think Jayvan had a great first Halloween.

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