Thursday, October 6, 2011


Lexi always comes home from school with a folder full of papers. So, part of my nightly routine is to go through the papers and decide which ones hit the recycle bin.  I was going through her folder on Tuesday night and found this:
For a closer look:
What? Isn't she still my little baby?  Or, isn't she at least still just five years old?

So I asked, "Who's Cooper?"
"Don't worry Mom.  He's a nice boy."
I replied, "Well, I'm glad he's a nice boy, and it is great to have boys who are friends, but. . . "
"Well, I was going to write 'I Like Cooper,' but I like him more than just liking him."
"But you are five."
"Don't worry Mom.  He's very nice and he sits at my table."

I am terrified of the tween/teen years.


  1. Need to go to the gun store this weekend.

  2. Aww. Valerie has a love relationship with a little boy in her preschool class named Caden Quinn (There is another Caden and a Hayden in her class, thus the first and middle name). Don't worry, I doubt that Cooper is your future son in law. You'll get to relive this scenario over and over. And over. And OVER.

  3. Wow Jill. . . that's so. . . comforting. :P