Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

We planned to carve pumpkins with the family in between Lexi's last soccer game and the hayride.  Even though we had been to the pumpkin patch twice, we still hadn't purchased our big pumpkins.  So, we stopped by a local church that sells pumpkins to raise money for missions.  Lexi picked out this little pumpkin for Jayvan.

 Mia really got into the carving and playing with the pumpkin pieces.  She may have even eaten a piece or too.
 Aunt Ashley worked on sorting seeds for most of the time, but she stopped to strike a pose.
 Kyle did most of the work on their pumpkin.
 Josh did most of the work on their pumpkin as well.
 I think Audrey just stuck her hand in to pose for a picture, because I don't remember her actually doing much carving/de-gunking.
 Matt carved his pumpkin and Lexi's.  The only thing Lexi did was pick out her Angry Bird pattern.
 Mom did a great job on her witchy pumpkin.
 Here is Lexi's Angry Bird:
 Kyle & Ashley's traditional Jack-O-Lantern:
 Mom's Witch:
 Josh & Audrey's traditional Jack-O-Lantern:
 My owl:
 Matt's Green Lantern:
 All of the pumpkins together:

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