Monday, October 24, 2011

Second Post-Placement Visit

We had our second post-placement visit yesterday with our social worker.  Some people have asked about all of the legalities of the adoption, so I thought I would explain that a bit.  Each state has different laws and we are finalizing in Virginia (the state Jayvan was born in), so these are VA laws.

  1. We must have 3 post placement home visits.
  2. The first visit must be within 30 days of Jayvan being placed with us.
  3. The first and last visit must be at least 90 days apart.
  4. Six months after placement (the day Jayvan was placed with us), we can petition the court for a date for finalization.
  5. Then the court sets a date and we call in to finalize and all the paperwork is completed.
So, this was the second of three visits.  The social worker just comes to the house and asks us a bunch of questions, such as:
  1. When was his last doctor's visit?
  2. When is his next doctor's visit?
  3. Does he have any health concerns?
  4. How much is he eating? How often?
  5. What milestones has he reached?
  6. How do you discipline him?  (Yes.  That one took us by surprise too.  Apparently these are standard forms for all ages.  Obviously no discipline is necessary for our three-month-old._
  7. Does your family still support the adoption?
  8. What outings have you been on since the last visit?
  9. How long does he sleep? Times?
  10. How is big sister adapting?
  11. How are you two (parents) relating to each other?
  12. etc. etc.
So, it's pretty painless and quick.  It gives me motivation to clean up the house and time to blabber on about our adorable baby boy.  Our next visit is scheduled for early November and then we will petition the court for finalization after the first of the year.

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